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Blueberry Lemongrass: This blend uses our Original Green Tea Kombucha and a secondary fermentation with blueberry puree and lemongrass. This flavor is juicy like fresh blueberries with a soft citrusy finish, plus we could all use some extra antioxidants right about now.


Strawberry Lavender: This blend uses our Original Green Tea Kombucha fermented with organic dried lavender and organic strawberry puree from the NY Hop Guild. The result is a delicate fruity floral mix that delights the taste buds.


(Sold Out) Pink Guava Lime: This blend uses our robust black tea kombucha fermented with organic pink guava puree and fresh lime -- this tropical flavor bomb will get you excited about the warm weather and sunshine. This blend also pairs exceptionally well with tequila.




Love Your Big Norwegian Kombucha in cans?? Subscribe and Save!


***Save $1 off your 4pk each week, and let us bring it right to your door!***


This listing is for a subscription we offer -- you get 1 - 4pk of 12oz cans of kombucha each week and save $1 each week! This kombucha subscription plan locks you in a consistently great price and removes the extra task of remembering to order each week.


If you would like multiple 4pks delivered each week, simply choose the quantity of 4pks you would like each week when adding to cart.


How it works:

After your first payment has been made, we will email you to determine your weekly delivery day. After that, we will send you an email at the beginning of each week with our featured/available flavors. If that sounds like the right fit, just sit back and wait for your kombucha to arrive. If you prefer a different flavor, simply reply in an email with your choice and we will bring you what you like. If you have multiple can subscriptions, you can select different flavors for each.


Recurring Payments:

You must have a PayPal account for the reccuring payments. A PayPal account is quick and easy to set up, and we already love how convenient it is for our customers! It will renew each week until you cancel your subscription, which you can do at anytime. If you need to skip a week, let us know and we will happily make arrangements with you.


~All Big Norwegian Kombucha is non-alcoholic (less than 0.5% ABV)

4-pk Can Kombucha 12oz

Price Options
One-time purchase
Weekly 4pk delivered
Subscribe and save!!
$14.00every week until canceled
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