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About Us


We are Andy and Marissa Bannister

We are a husband-wife duo making this business happen. Marissa is a full-time art educator at a private school in South Buffalo and our resident taste/flavor developer & team motivator. If you have tasted a delicious Big Norwegian kombucha, then she is likely responsible for it! Andy, the Big Norwegian, is responsible for fermentation, production, and distribution. As one of the first kombucha brewers in Buffalo, and with over five years of commercial kombucha brewing experience, Andy focuses on quality & consistency, and of course spending time with our wonderful customers.

When we aren't making, marketing, and delivering kombucha, or helping to mold the creative minds of tomorrow, we are raising our two wonderful daughters Freyja and Amelia. Above all else, we are dedicated to family, and keeping your family, and ours, healthy and happy. We are proud of the kombucha we make, and we would love for your to try some! We also stand alongside our partners and their products, including Undergrounds Coffee House & Roastery whole coffee beans and Bison Botanicals' CBD products.

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