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Your spot to order our fresh, delicious craft kombucha, and to decide if you would like us to bring it to you or if you prefer to pick up your order in to our beautiful taproom in the courtyard of 500 Seneca St. in Buffalo.

*Please note that we only deliver within Erie County at this time. Should you like to purchase our kombucha in Niagara County, please reach out first to confirm we can bring it to you. Thank you!

You may elect to pick up your kombucha at our shop at no addional charge during our normal business hours of Friday 10-2pm & Saturday 10-4pm. You can also select Local Delivery and your delivery will be determined by your distance from our shop.

Northtowns orders are those with a delivery address NORTH of NY State Route 33
-Thursday is day to the Northtowns.
Southtowns orders are those with a delivery address SOUTH of NY State Route 33
-Wednesday is delivery day to the Southtowns.

-The cut-off time for same-day delivery is 10 am.
-Please be sure to tell us where to leave your delivery if not at your outer main door. 
(changed 2/25/21)
-Please leave a cooler outside if you have one as our kombucha should be kept cold.

We are currently accepting customers' clean empty glass growlers. Please leave your empty growlers in a bag or box for pickup and we will exchange those with your order. If you have growlers and do not intend to reorder, we would still gladly come to retrieve them from you if you let us know.


Choose between 1, 2, or 3 bottles per week at a 20-30% discount and without the need of reordering each week. Full details are in the listings below. Also, enjoy discounted delivery each week!

~All Big Norwegian Kombucha is non-alcoholic (less than 0.5% ABV)


Holiday Gifts!!
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