We are currently open Saturdays from 11am-4pm for online order pickup and walk-up sales. We set up in the courtyard at 500 Seneca St., just outside of our taproom. Masks are required for service. Social distancing is in effect. 

As usual, we are continuing to keep the booch flowing in Erie County with free delivery. Click here for online orders.

On tap

~ *NEW* Tart Cherry Vanilla

~ Tropical Sunset blend

~ Pink Guava & Lime 2.0

~ Mango Cinnamon

~ Strawberry Lavender

~ Clementine & Clove

~ Blueberry Lemongrass 2.0

~ Ginger Green



We make and sell delicious kombucha tea. We ferment our kombucha to be full of flavor and benefits. Our kombucha is non-alcoholic, and fermented to enhance the probiotic colony, as well as the formation of healthy organic acids and B vitamins.  

Our Team

Andy and Marissa


500 Seneca St
Buffalo, NY 14204

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